SQL Business Suite

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Software drives business success. Your competitive advantage depends on your ability to learn and adopt new software applications that deliver new services, operational efficiencies, and competitive responses, fast.

SQL Business Suite is well positioned to add real value to your company.

SQL Financial Accounting is designed to deliver business-critical functionality to large deployment of network environment. At the core of it lies a robust Client-Server architecture allows significant advantages in flexibility, reliability, performance and stability. Self-tuning features include cost-based query optimization and dynamic re-balancing of report structures enhances performance and provides a wide range of business reports. More important, SQL Financial Accounting is an Open Period solution that enables you to collect more data over a wider time frame for better decision-base analysis.

SQL Account

  • Ecosystem - There's so much more. You'll just need to experience it.
  • General Ledger - It's easy to manage and track your company's accounting records.
  • Customer - Keep your customers in touch.
  • Supplier - Manage and keep your supply chain in check.
  • Sales - More time. For Sales.
  • Purchase - Be cost effective.
  • Stock - Helps you take control of your inventory effortlessly.
  • System Requirement.


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SQL Payroll

  • Payroll Process - Review. Print. It's simplicity at it's best.
  • Leave Module
  • Payroll Reports
  • System Requirement