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In the old days, restaurant owners made use of cash registers to ring in sales. They did not expect more from these registers other than tallying the cash at the conclusion of the business day.

Time has changed. As a restaurant owner today , you need a whole lot more to succeed in today's competitive market place. You need swift reports to analyze your product mix; you need tools to manage your work force, your costing and to control your inventories; you need to run promotion on a day's notice and be able to monitor results; you need a system that will be able to give you all this plus a lot more whenever and where ever you need it.

At Pointsoft we have the right solution to assist you in accomplishing that and much more.Have a look thru our site and discover how our innovative solutions had help owners around the world manage their restaurant business more effectively.Discover why businesses from single kiosk outlet to multi chain quick service restaurant to posh fine dinning restaurant are using our solution. See how our wireless POS solution shorten service time and increase table turns. Find out how our internet-based CRM helps attract customer and keep them coming back.

If you don't find what you are looking for on our website, please feel free to contact us directly.


Point-Of-Sales Solutions

Table Service


Unmatched flexibility makes Pointsoft Table Service an instant winner!                                                         

  • Drag and Drop graphical floor plan
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Language Independent
  • Multi-Lingual
  • OPOS Compliant
  • Parameter Driven
  • Multiple kitchen order routing
  • Seat and course arrangement
  • Extensive Reports

Quick Service

We understand how important SOS (Speed of Service) is to quick service establishments. We know software must be easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to maintain. You'll see that our screens, controls, reports, documentation, and even our support and sales staff all show a real understanding of your business.

Pointsoft QuickService solutions is capable of handling very large transaction volumes with ease. It is chosen by industry leaders including Burger King, KFC, McDonald's, and Starbucks. Read on to find out why.


Pointsoft Delivery tracks orders as well as valuable customer information quickly and efficiently. It is unique in its flexibility and feature-rich design, covering everything from driver management to an integrated CRM. It is capable of being used in a one number call center, or at a single store.

Delivery module can also be used in a multi-concept restaurant with fine dining, take away, and Restaurant Based Delivery (RBD) operation under one roof. The core of Pointsoft Delivery is the same as TableService and QuickService modules; therefore, employees who are familiar with one with be able to use the other.

Pointsoft Delivery is installed in hundreds of outlets in the region, empowering industry leaders like Pizza Hut with unparalleled advantages.


Real-Time CRM

An online, real-time tool that is fully integrated and interacts with our POS
Supports unlimited level of membership tiers
Automatically apply discount based on membership tier

+Earn Points:
Award points by spending amount or by specific item
Bonus points by day, date period, birthday month, etc, for different membership tier

-Redeem Points:
Points can be used for redemption of specific items, or for partial or full settlement of purchase

One on one electronic coupons:
Use our analytical tools to pinpoint your target group
Generate 1:1 eCoupons and notify your customers on mobile app
Scan and redeem eCoupon online from any POS terminal 
Generate reports to analyze effectiveness of campaign

Mobility ( Wireless Order Terminal)

From iPod Touch, to newer generation low-cost smartphones and tablets, or specialised environmentally-sealed units, the choices are yours. With mobile hand-held device orders are entered and repeated to the customer right at the table side, effectively cutting order-taking time in half. Your wait staffs spend less time walking back and forth and more time with customers. "Queue busting" operation is also available for quick service establishments.

Digital Menu

On the other hand, our table top Digital Menu is the perfect answer to the F&B industry's labour crunch. The app runs on medium sized tablets, typically with 8" screens, enabling customers not only to browse through your menu but to place orders all by themselves. Menu database are updated from the POS automatically, and orders are sent directly to the kitchen in a seamless integration

Pointsoft BackOffice

Quick Inventory

Pointsoft Quick Inventory (PSI.NET) is a tremendous tool for inventory, recipe, food costing, and

purchasing. It is simple, effective, and gets the job done without the cost and complexity of full scale inventory systems.

PSI.NET is an XML application developed using the latest Microsoft .NET framework. It is integrated with our front-end POS system through an SQL Data Engine.

Pointsoft Call Center (PCC)

Pointsoft Call Center (PCC) is a breakthrough solution for food operators with delivery service. It is an advanced Internet-based application that integrates call center POS with CTI “softphone” into one efficient solution. Based on an ingenious cost effective design, PCC requires no fixed-IP at the outlets - this feature alone represents tremendous savings on Internet line costs.e easily managed.

PCC is build for a simple

purpose: to enable Pointsoft customers to serve their customers better. PCC helps not only cut costs, but also capture new customers, and maintain loyalty via high-volume sales through the lowest cost channel. From two-store local operators to nationwide chains, no delivery operation is too small or too large for PCC




Web-based Reporter

Pointsoft Web-based Reporting is a powerful ASP enterprise solution. It lets you and your field managers access decision support reports from anywhere, anytime, with just a browser and an Internet connection.

Data from different units are automatically polled over standard Internet Protocol or dial-up connections using Pointsoft ADX, Data consolidation is also fully automatic without user intervention.

Pointsoft Web-based Reporting is self-hosted by the customer. and operates from a single server on the network. This means you own and control your data, at the same time ensuring a smooth upgrade path when your need changes.


(Touch Screen Kitchen Display System)

Pointsoft KDS helps manage food preparation with touch monitors mounted in your kitchen or food prep area, supporting real-time display of food orders while monitoring your Speed of Service timing. 

- bump bars are so last century - our KDS uses intuitive touch screen operation
- definable expected prep time with visual and/or audio alerts for lapses
- customisable workflow to fit even the most complex multi-concept restaurants with flexible routing as well as display-to-printer options
- at-a-glance item summary screen
- extensive performance monitoring reports uploaded automatically to head office

Needless to say, Pointsoft KDS is fully integrated with our POS


Very local. And very international

Switch between English and Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, or Norwegian with the touch of a button. 

Punch in your order in one language and have the kitchen docket printed in a different language. 

Guest checks can also be defaulted to your local language and switched to English with just one touch before printing.


Centralized Control 

The tools to manage

Manage single locations, or restaurant chains with stores spreading across cities and countries, without leaving the comfort of your home (or your office desk.) 

Pointsoft Head Office Suite is a multi-price, multi-location system that automates complex menu maintenance and puts you in complete control. Raw sales and operational data are automatically "pushed" to head office and consolidated for reporting.